When you send a text message to someone else, it stays there in the same location. You can see it in the Cloud and messages are stored on your phone as well. If they save it, they may have the ability to see when and where you sent it as well. Again, there are no options for texting someone to delete a message completely. There is also no way to alert the person who received your text that you want them to delete it for you without responding because this would involve sending a text back.

What is self-deleting text?

It’s called self deleting text message. Self-deleting usually refers to preventing texts from being saved by the recipient’s phone or shifting messages out of the timeline. This is different from deleting a message entirely. A self-deleting text has a pre-set length of time before it is deleted.

How do they work?

A self-deleting text essentially has an expiration date on it. This means that once the message hits the receiver’s phone, an alarm on the text is set to go off. The alarm will be set to give you a set amount of time to delete the message so that it doesn’t stay on their phone forever in case something happens to accidentally hit it again after it has already been deleted.

How do you delete a self-deleting message?

If you have already sent a self-deleting text, there is no way to delete it. Once it has been sent, the self-deleting text is not eligible for deletion. However, sometimes if you are going through a text message list trying to find a specific one because you want to delete it, sometimes the message will be marked as deleted. This can be frustrating and can cause confusion.

How can self-deleting texts be deleted?

If you would like to take away the privilege of the recipient to delete your text yourself, first you need to know that they have that right. Once you know that, you can delete the message yourself.

How can self-deleting texts be deleted?

When the recipient receives your message, they get the option of deleting it themselves. The options are to just delete it or they can select to send it back and cancel. If they choose to send it back and cancel then it immediately deletes from their phone; if they choose to delete the text then it goes into their trash folder where you cannot access it ever again or take action on it in any way.