Due to its durability and effectiveness in preventing weed growth and insect infestation, polymeric sand has gained popularity as a preferred material for filling gaps between pavers. In any case, not a wide range of pavers are viable with polymeric sand. Let’s dig deeper into this topic to learn more about how polymeric sand works with different kinds of pavers. The polymeric sand for landscaping enhances the stability and durability of landscaping projects.

Getting to Know Polymeric Sand:

When mixed with water, polymeric sand is a mixture of fine sand and special additives that create a binding agent. It creates a solid, flexible joint that resists erosion, the growth of weeds, and insect penetration once it is activated. Because of its adhesive properties, it is ideal for stabilizing paver joints and giving the paved surface structural integrity.

Compatibility with Pavers Made of Concrete:

Polymeric sand is generally compatible with concrete pavers, which are utilized frequently in walkways, patios, and driveways. The polymeric sand is able to adhere and bind properly to the concrete pavers’ porous surface, resulting in a stable joint. To get the best results, however, the surface needs to be dry and clean before the sand can be applied.

polymeric sand for landscaping

Pavers of interlocking concrete:

The interlocking design of interlocking concrete pavers makes them suitable for use with polymeric sand as well. The locking system between pavers gives extra soundness, upgrading the adequacy of polymeric sand in joint adjustment. Pavers must be installed and compacted correctly to ensure a tight fit and prevent sand displacement.

Pavers Made of Real Stone:

Although some kinds of natural stone pavers can be used with polymeric sand, it might not work with all of them. Porous stones like flagstone and travertine may absorb excess sand moisture, causing discoloration or staining. Before applying polymeric sand to natural stone pavers, it is best to test a small area and get advice from a professional. The polymeric sand for landscaping provides effective weed control and prevents erosion in outdoor spaces.